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A Jack- Of- All - Trades


A high-touch, high-tech real estate consultant known for her extensive market knowledge and her unmatched devotion to clients. She earns the respect of her beneficiaries by always offering them candid advice. With over 20 years of experience behind the cameras, from Executive Director to Executive Producer, Carolina has demonstrated to be a Jack-Of-All-Trades. Worldwide traveled, with multicultural charisma & proven knowledge in advertising, Carolina Bustillos has dedicated years to selling all over the world.
Currently as the International Executive Director of Sales for Atlantic 360 in Aruba. Her multitasking skills help her to dedicate to do what she loves most; changing people's lives, helping her clients to visualize their new path, investment & future.
Carolina’s hometown is Miami Beach, Florida. With offices in Bal Harbor. Florida.

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People First


A Skilled Industrial Engineer with a Master in Positive Organizational Development and Change with a Master of Business Administration.
Marinelda has the ability to apply instructional design methodologies to analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate what fits best for each situation.
Expert in Sales Management Services, mainly for a real estate projects.
Most importantly , Marinelda best asset for us is the knowledge in understanding of how human growth and development influences and enhances inter organizational life and productivity. You first.

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Designing Souls


As the wife of the chief architect Maria have helped him with the project’s design and aesthetic oversight details of finish, cabinetry, colors and other key decisions that are portrayed on final results and an integral part in bringing the design aspiration into reality.
Maria knows to differentiate what people wants when investing in vacation property or when buying to to live on the island .
It is this unique combination, as both a participant in bringing to fruition the Atlantic 360 project and her experience as tourist and resident in Aruba, that makes her eager to assist with the sales of the beautiful Atlantic 360.

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