Why People Are Moving to Aruba

Why People Are Moving to Aruba

Published | Written by Carolina Bustillos P.A.

Aruba is an attractive location for people to live. It is very safe, has a high standard of living, and is generally well organized and politically stable. In order to qualify for the necessary residence and/or work permits one must comply with specific rules and requirements.

Aruba offers many different possibilities for owning real estate. One option is to purchase a home or condominium as a retirement property and rent it out when you are not on the island. This can be done through a reputable property management company, or a condominium community's own property management team. Whether you are looking to get the best price on your first home in Aruba or buy commercial properties, our real estate listings present you with the best introduction to new houses, apartments or condominiums.

There are numerous reasons for wanting to move to Aruba: tropical beaches, great weather year-round, and a slow pace of living. ... The Aruban Directorate of Alien Integration offers several types of visas to meet a variety of circumstances. For working age individuals, you'll need to acquire a work permit and a work visa.

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