Steps To Aruba Condo Buying

Steps To Aruba Condo Buying

Published | Written by Carolina Bustillos P.A.
  • Determine your budget. This will help you decide on a location. Like most locations, property closer to the beach is more expensive.
  • Find a reliable builder.
  • Pick a location you will be happy with, as hopefully, you will be spending most of the time there, as tenants come and go.
  • Find a respectable real estate agent.
  • Do not depend on rental income to cover all your expenses. The rental market is ever-changing, and this year is a good example of that. Going in with that in mind will bring a bonus when rental activity is high, and no disappointments when low.
  • Have all your finances in order. There are set criteria for required documentation from Aruba's government. They will want you to be able to show a distinct paper trail.
  • Find a referred management company. They can make or break you.
  • Be patient. Everything takes a little longer on the island.
  • Sit back and enjoy your investment.

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